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Panorphelia - Edgar Froese - Aqua (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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For those who enjoy the albums of Tangerine Dream from the early 's and who seek more of the same, "Aqua" is something of a forgotten gem. For the rest, there is nothing here to make this an essential acquisition. If you have the opportunity to hear it though, it is worth the effort. Aqua astonished me, from early moment of discovering out Froese's own meads of self-portrait and motivated sound play to these monotonous achieved present years of knowing by touch his work, his sound, his style, as an essential, very artistic, cubic-closed and synth-malady album, as a debut of more than hoping great stuff, a work of more than expected detailed, hardened or aspersed elements, as a key brand dynamic composition meant for the subsuming planes of creativity, dark impression or tempting artistic ideas.

And maybe out of all this exciting solo craft, the album doesn't receive the excellent review and the utmost congratulation, yet it seems lonely in its valuable haste of atypical, atonal and arrhythmic forces, the prime kind, the essential tone. To a sincere talk about how important Froese goes, till where and till when, he doesn't realize more than two grand, artistic and subtle works, this one and the next Epsilon In Malaysian Pale ; and I wouldn't award the best kind of electronic suspired, synopsized and contempt to anything else than Aqua, first of all an exhaustive program of tough electronics and ambient lines, afterwards a difficult to placid listening, a language from tough to ironic, a work-load from adapted to self-controlled.

Phaedra is of course an exaggerate point of view, then again two things Froese being the composer of the inversed-color electro liquid fantasy and ambient-volatility "strand of nightmares", from the classic Tangerine Dream album, and the great detail of very tough expected music in this solo debut almost allude the contemporary orientation which, without problems, helps Froese coordinate a very powerful masterpiece like Phaedra and a very transitory ambient-abstract explosion like Aqua.

Articulate and neuralgic, this album would actually face the complaint of too late and too open experiments, yet, even if this is the best creation boiling point of Froese and his synth-essays, I say it's totally worth. A great value I treasure for Aqua is yet something also missed from the high places of eclectic electronic and concentrating ambient recognition mainly from the little exuberance or the too loaded craft it may have, then for not having essential sound-parts of special grip and taste.

The enormous title track experiment is a complete fascination, from the elementary works of synths and ambient, to the phonetic and plastic sounds of water and cascade sampling, in great touch with a mist symbol and a suffocating parlor of wobbling sensation. A piece of long-stretch minimalism and monotony, yet a very serious effect of heavy works and volcanic precisions on what is the music of the numb taste, the sylph inside the creative touch and the hard resound of a clean potable disambiguation.

The 16 minutes unbelievably balanced caustic and cognitive water-fluxion title track is essential, by my standards. Next there are three piece that try to combine the never to bright ambient and sequence with the never to exempt dark motives, crystal coils and powerful dualisms of sound, connection, fun render or moods. What is exciting from Panorphelia is an ambient-vibrations course and seasoned essence, plus small incision in the matter-lapping usual flow of stressing sounds and minimal over-runs.

Upland fights another minor ambient exposure, till the point of sketching down some cold sinus vibrations and some sound-phones effect. The album is totally appreciable, though a cold, "still-scaped", mono-powered and rupture-crystallizing essence from it recommends it, doubtlessly, for the mass experiment and the unique time of electronic music being a sensation design of cluster and disambiguation, then a great listening powder.

By all taste, Froese grows more attractive stuff. By all standards, this is a peak and a momentary exceptional shape.

Edgar Froese's masterpiece, if ever to name one great achievement of his own bare work though it nothing flawless to think off or contagious to excite from , is Aqua , ambient, experimental, abstract, liquid, chloroform and phase-phelic. Timeless and hard to obtain, I always prefer to admire this album.

It becomes very haunting after 14 minutes then ends with the sound of water. Cool track! It does plenty. Amazing soundscape! It sounds like cars going by after 3 minutes. Then a sad spacey mood takes over. Great sound before 6 minutes. I love how spacey this is. Pulsating sounds to open as the organ comes in. However the worst thing is that is has been really hammered and is incredibly loud!

Knowing it was quite an atmospheric album first a first listen I cranked the volume and nearly ripped my head off. I am going to give it a detailed listen to compare the mixes, also I think the CD is a little bit longer than my LP.

On first impression it seems brighter and shinier. However that could well just be my old LP appearing a bit murkier. Any other fans of this album who know about the mix changes and thoughts on the mastering? I attempted to tame them to burn as a standalone CD-R as I did with Epsilon but gave up in frustration. Front Addict likes this. And the atmosphere? Absolutely fantastic. The other track, "Maroubra Bay" is named after the bay of the same name in Australia, and is far more based around sequenced rhythms.

It opens rather dark and sinister, but gets quickly brighter before the hypnotic rhythms appear around one of the most infectious Mellotron-riffs you'll ever hear. The synth-sounds that come and goes through the whole track to me they clearly symbolizes light are among the most tasteful that Froese ever used. Sometimes I really wish time could stand still. Edgar Froese - "Macula Transfer" Brain Travelling was obviously a thing that brought lots of inspiration to Froese, as all the material on his third album "Macula Transfer" was composed during flights in and Monique Froese's beautiful and atmospheric photo of a sunlit train inside the gatefold cover further enhances the feel of travel.

The opener "OS " each track on the album was named after the flight where they were conceived is the first on a Froese record to feature his guitar prominently.

Here it lays the rhythmic foundation for some discreet Mellotron-choir, slightly louder strings and a spacey synth-sound that appears frequently, but never gets really dominating. Any other similarity to that track vanishes completely as soon as a simple, two-chord electronic rhythm appears and goes into a very dramatic piece of music dominated by loud Mellotron-riffs, intense guitar soloing and a spooky, distorted voice that swirls around the music from time to time.

There's also a humming synth-sound especially during the guitar parts of the kind that Klaus Schulze often used with great effect. It's quite complex, featuring one of the best sequenced rhythms to be found on a Froese album along with the trademark Mellotrons and tasty synths that together creates a fantastic atmosphere. For a few seconds at the very end it almost feels like we're taken back to "Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale" again, but with some distant clashing sounds in the background.

The typical sequenced rhythms return again in the closer "IF ", but now with a quite effective twist on one the chords. The Mellotron and synths again blend beautifully, creating some wonderfully atmospheric and pleasant themes. The track seems to slowly stop toward the end, but suddenly starts again to fade out with one of the main Mellotron-themes. Edgar Froese - "Ages" Virgin The double album "Ages" is Froese's most diverse and varied solo work, but that goes unfortunately for the quality too.

Musically, "Ages" headed in a more conventional progressive rock direction, just like Tangerine Dream's records from the same period, with Klaus Krieger's drumming well incorporated in the music.

In April a reworked version of this album has been released by Edgar Froese. All tracks from the original album have been more or less 'tangentized', that is, remixed and partially re-recorded in a similar way like on Beyond The Storm and the Ambient Highway series.

Especially the title track is underlayed with modern sounding rhythm and bass sequences, which completely change the mood of this composition in an interesting way.

While the composition Upland seems to be the untouched version of the original release, the heavily reworked version of this track, as known from Beyond The Storm and Ambient Highway Vol. Anyway, like with similar reworkings Edgar Froese has done before, it is left to the subjective opinion of the listener whether he prefers the original or the new versions.

Though the inner page of the 2-page insert clearly states that the album contains new recordings, the fact that this CD does not feature the original versions is not recognizable from the outside.

Like on all releases since , the artist's name now includes his middle initial W. The early cover previews of the forthcoming re-releases used an identical style of artwork, featuring the same typeface and the reduced original artwork or an excerpt of it in a monochrome, wide frame, which made these re-releases some kind of a series.

Of the final releases only Ages and, to a certain degree, Epsilon In Malaysian Pale used this artwork style. The re-release of Aqua now features a completely new design using artwork by Edgar Froese instead of the original photo by his wife Monika. Play album Buy Loading. Scrobble Stats? What is scrobbling? Artist images 11 more. Edgar Froese 55, listeners Related Tags electronic ambient krautrock Edgar Wilmar Froese born June 6, and died January 20, is an artist and electronic music pioneer, best known as the founding member of the electronic music band Tangerine Dream.

After showing an early aptitude for art, Froese enrolled at the Academy of the Arts in West Berlin to study painting and sculpture. Edgar Wilmar Froese born June 6, and died January 20, is an artist and electronic music pioneer, best known as the founding member of the electronic music band Tangerine Dream. Froese was born in Tilsit, East Prussia now S… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest.

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Aqua Panorphelia NGC Upland HiQualityCD. Tangerine Dream Eastgate Era collection vol.1 The original studio album is from Edgar’s first solo trip into the wide and open landscape of sounds. Back in when this record was released for the first time, no 24 multitrack machines did exist.

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  1. Aqua - 1st - UK - VINYL LP more of this title EDGAR FROESE Aqua ( UK 4-track vinyl LP on the colour 'two virgins with dragon' label, utilising 'the revolutionary Artificial Head System' on the second side, which Edgar recommends you listen to on stereo headphones - a great 'electronic a' album before the term was invented.
  2. Aqua is the debut solo album by Tangerine Dream frontman Edgar Froese, released in It was originally released in two different mixes, one by Brain Records in Germany, and the other by Virgin Records in the rest of the world. There is also a re-recorded version from on Eastgate.
  3. Pure magic. "Panorphelia" is mostly played on some dark and gloomy Mellotron over a croaking electronic rhythm, and closes the album in the most fitting way. "Aqua" is an essential piece of 70's electronic progressive music. Label. Edgar Froese - "Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale" (Brain ).
  4. Mar 04,  · I bought Edgar Froese's first solo album Aqua as a Virgin CD to listen to on a journey. Rather strangely the running order of the original vinyl has been changed so side 1 is now side 2. Also two tracks seem to have been remixed Upland and Panorphelia. However the worst thing is that is has been really hammered and is incredibly loud!
  5. Aqua Edgar Froese 12 inch stereo vinyl LP (33 rpm) record. Side 1: 1. Aqua 2. Panorphelia Side 2: 1. NGC 2. Upland Published by Virgin,
  6. Edgar Froese / Aqua / LP Not so with Herr Froese. And that's fine. Aqua, his first solo album, could easily fit into the TD canon. As a fan of early TD, I feel Aqua could easily stand next to Phaedra, Rubycon and Ricochet. I recommend playing the tracks in the order they appeared on the black vinyl: `Aqua', `Panorphelia', `NGC' then /5(13).
  7. Label: Virgin - V • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Repress • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Berlin-School, Ambient Edgar Froese - Aqua (Vinyl) | Discogs Explore/5(7).

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